Loa Edifier Airpulse A300
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  • Brilliant bass unit and tweeter for 3D audio in your room
  • Crafted by the world's top audio engineers to ensure quality delivery
  • Wireless connections and multiple inputs
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Horn Loaded Ribbon Tweeter

The A300 horn-loaded ribbon tweeter inherits the mechanism of the tweeter in our flagship 7001 near-field monitor. The thin aluminum ribbon diaphragm has high sensitivity, superb transient response, extended frequency range, and well-defined resolution.


Full Package with Magic Power

The A300 bookshelf speakers include all you need for enjoying your various media resources – RCA audio cables, speaker connecting cables, USB connecting cables, fiber optic audio cables, and power cables


Convenient Remote Control

The stylish wireless remote lets you adjust any of your speakers’ functions from a distance. Just relax and enjoy your music


Tweeter unit


  • Horn Loaded Ribbon Tweeter


  • 6.5inch Aluminum Cone Underhung Design Neo. Power Mid-Woofer
Amplifier system


  • Digtal Amplifer With Xmos Processor
Total power output


  • L/R(Treble):10W+10W
    L/R(Woofer): 70W+70W
Frequency response


  • 40Hz-40KHz
Signal-to-noise ratio


  • L/R:≥90dB(A)
Input type


  • AUX, Balance Input, USB, Optical, Coaxial, Bluetooth.
Input sensitivity


  • AUX:700±50mV
    Balance:1150±50mV, USB:550±50mFFs, Optical:500±50mFFs;
    Bluetooth: 500±50mFFs;
Mains voltage


  • 100-240 V AC/50-60 Hz
Cabinet size


  • 225 x 385 x 340mm
Net weight


  • 24kg (53lbs)
Bluetooth version


  • V5.0
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