Loa Edifier Airpulse A80
Thương hiệu : Edifier
Bảo hành : 12 Tháng
Tình trạng : Mới
10.000.000 đ
  • Cặp loa đạt chứng nhận âm thanh Hi-Res
  • Đa dạng cổng đầu vào: USB, PC, AUX, Bluetooth 5.0,...
  • Màng loa tweeter và woofer từ ribbon chất lượng cao giúp giảm thiểu những ảnh hưởng tiêu cực không mong muốn
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Technical Details

The A80 Bluetooth speakers are built with 18mm high-quality MDF materials. The Proprietary Aluminum Alloy Cone (PAAC) of mid-woofer was created based on a Klippel Laser Doppler Interferometer. Less power compression will be achieved thanks to the 30mm diameter voice coil.

Hi-Res Certified Speakers

The active Bluetooth speakers offer a great combination of stylish appearance and a powerful XMOS system. The Hi-Res certification is the successor of the excellent 3D audio result with many details.

Mid-woofer & Acoustic Isolation Pads

The 4.5-inch Mid-woofer and the 30mm diameter voice coil all together deliver more dynamic and realistic music to listeners. Vibration can be decreased by the 8-degree elevation isolation pads, hence ensuring a better sound performance.


Tweeter unit

  • Horn Loaded Ribbon Tweeter


  • 4.5-inch Aluminum Cone 30mm VC Mid-Woofer

Amplifier system

  • Digital Amplifier With Xmos Processor

Total power output

  • L/R(Treble):10W+10W
    L/R(Woofer): 40W+40W

Frequency range

  • 52Hz-40kHz

Signal-to-noise ratio

  • L/R:≥90dB(A)

Input type

  • AUX, PC, USB, Optical, Bluetooth (The USB, Optical Inputs Support Up to 192KHz Input Sample Rate)

Input sensitivity

  • AUX:450±50mV PC:550±50mV, USB:Optical 400±50mFFs


  • 400±50mFFs

Bluetooth version

  • V5.0

Mains voltage

  • AC 100-240 V /50-60 Hz

Cabinet size

  • 140x250x220mm

Net weight

  • 9.3 Kg(20lbs) /pair
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