Loa phát nhạc Edifier S2000MKIII
Thương hiệu : Edifier
Bảo hành : 12 Tháng
Tình trạng : Mới
6.900.000 đ ( 11.900.000 đ)
  • Planar diaphragm tweeters and aluminum diaphragm drivers
  • Black wooden design with PVC side panels
  • OLED LCD screen shows different modes
  • Dual upgraded DSP chips for crossovers
  • Qualcomm aptX™ & Bluetooth V5.0
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Multi-input for a Quick Connection

Edifier’s active speakers allow for hooking up multiple devices to the same speaker – You can connect to several devices, such as TV sets, Blu-ray players, game consoles, and laptops.  The Bluetooth connection and the wired digital input are perfectly suited to any output ports.

Individually Adjustable Functions

The treble, bass, and volume can be adjusted individually. Your hearing will be protected from harm thanks to the 50-level high-precision adjustment of the master volume. The wood and metal design deliver a modern look.

Flexible Style

Switch between four EQ preset modes (Monitor, Dynamic, Classical, and Vocal) with the press of a button. These four sound modes will highlight different styles in varying. genres of music and audio. You can enjoy your music in any space in your house

Wireless Control

With the included remote control, you can adjust volume, switch sound source, select mode, and power on/off the speaker wirelessly, free you from the hassle of the constant press on/off of the speaker’s buttons.


Total power output

  • L/R (treble): 15W+15W RMS
    L/R (mid-range bass): 50W + 50W RMS

Signal-to-noise ratio

  • ≥90dB(A)

Noise level

  • ≤25dB(A)

Input sensitivity

  • Line 1 input: 800±50mV
    Line 2 input: 600±50mV
    Bluetooth input: 450±50mFFs
    Optical/Coaxial input: 350±50mFFs

Frequency response

  • 45Hz~40KHz


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