Pro-Ject Audio Grease It
Thương hiệu : Pro-Ject
Tình trạng : Mới
480.000 đ
  • Dầu bôi trơn ổ bi
  • Giúp bảo dưỡng và bôi trơn ổ bi
  • Tăng tuổi thọ của mâm
  • Phù hợp với các dòng mâm sử dụng ổ bi ngược (các dòng RPM, Xtension, Signature)
  • Có thể dùng để bảo dưỡng ổ bearing của các mâm cổ.
  • Giúp ổn định tốc độ xoay của mâm
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Bearing lubricant

How to use Grease it

A turntable is a delicate instrument and needs proper care. The motor is moving the platter and the bearing‘s lubrication is being worn off over time. This is caused by many factors, such as climate and humidity. Therefore we cannot give a recommended time as to when to replace the lubrication. Best is to keep it constantly lubricated. With Grease it you can keep the bearing of your turntable smooth for a perfect playback. Please only use Grease it for turntables with inverted bearings, like RPM Line, Xtension models and Signature Line. For non-inverted bearings you should use Lube it.

 We recommend to keep your turntable constantly moving, as this guarantees a smooth bearing. This however will lead to metal abrasion, so you will need to change the lubrication more often. As to how much you should use, we can only advise to use the amount you feel right. It can‘t be too much, worst case scenario is you will have to clean some grease off your turntable to keep it looking clean.


  • To be used with inverted bearings
  • Helps a smooth movement
  • Pre-filled syringe
  • Easy handling
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