Discover Supermoon, the earphone loved by a wide range of music enthusiasts. With a custom 14mm planar magnetic driver encased in a 3D printed solid body, Supermoon offers unparalleled versatility, making it the go-to choice for those who appreciate a diverse range of musical styles. The speed and accuracy of Supermoon makes it the perfect companion for connoisseurs of sound. Each unit is hand-finished with sleek stainless steel accents for that extra touch of elegance.


  • Smooth bass response with crisp technical high-end
  • Custom Full-Range 14mm Planar Magnetic Driver
  • Solid-Body Design
  • 3D-printed Housing
  • Stainless Steel Faceplate

What's In The Box

  • Supermoon - An exceptional earphone crafted with care by Campfire Audio
  • Time Stream Cable(s) - Eight silver plated copper conductors in ribbon configuration
  • Select Case; Handmade Leather 'Dimensional Folding' Case or Lightweight Protective 'Breezy Bag'
  • Earphone Tips: Marshmallow and Silicon - Various Sizes

Tech Specs

  • Frequency Response: 5Hz–20 kHz
  • SPL: 94 dB @ 1 kHz: 54 mVrms
  • Impedance: 15.5 Ohms @ 1 kHz
  • Less than 1% Total Harmonic Distortion

Bringing the Planar Sound to an IEM

A newer development in the world of IEMs, the Planar Magnetic driver is known for its accuracy, speed, and power. Due to its large, flat, and fast-moving diaphragm, it can create both a sense of power and a revealing, subtle nuance and complex reproduction that traditional BA’s and dynamic drivers can’t. This all-new Planar design has overcome the traditional challenges associated with them (poor efficiency and sensitivity) to bring an incredible sonic experience to IEM users. 

Supermoon is the first Campfire IEM to implement a full-range, 14mm planar driver, giving it a truly unique sound signature within our broader line-up. The combination of the diaphragm's size and speed creates a rich, smooth, and accurate low-end while maintaining crisp, resolving detail throughout the frequency spectrum and sparkling high-end detail.

Solid Body Build: Safe & Sound

Campfire Audio’s patented Solid Body Design allows driver installation directly into a single, precisely 3D printed ‘engine block’ that routes the sound to the listener and uses built-in geometry to tune and accent the drivers in an intentional and exact manner that elevates the listening experience for the user.

Additionally, this build style additionally improves the structural integrity within the earphone, and eliminates variables and points of failure that other forms of driver routing can be susceptible to. 

  • Essential Edition

    Discover the 'Essentials' Bundle: Your all-in-one kit for an unparalleled listening experience. Includes a Breezy Bag Standard, customizable Time Stream Cable, marshmallow and silicone tips for optimal comfort, a precision cleaning tool, an exclusive Campfire Audio pin, and a dual-pocket Breezy Bag Micro to keep your earphones secure. Elevate your audio journey with these curated must-haves.

  • Deluxe Edition

    Unlock the pinnacle of audio luxury with the Deluxe Package. Includes a Premium Leather Case, three Time Stream Cables in multiple terminations, a Cushioned Cable Bag, Precision Cleaning Tool, exclusive pin, and dual-pocket Breezy Bag Micro. Designed for discerning audiophiles and musicians seeking the ultimate listening experience.

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  • Thương hiệu: Campfire Audio
  • Model: Supermoon
  • Trình điều khiển: Custom Planar driver 2 micron diaphragm
  • SPL: 94dB @ 54.0 mVrms
  • Trở kháng tai nghe: 15.5 ohm@1k
  • Tần số đáp ứng: 5Hz-20kHz
  • Connector: Beryllium Copper MMCX

Campfire Supermoon

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