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We are waiting with great interest from fans of the best-selling Canton GLE, and it is now available: there are newcomers to the smart GLE family, in the form of the compact SmartSmart GLE 3 S2 Black bookshelf speaker and, in addition, the Smart GLE 5 center speaker. Smart The Smart GLE 3 S2 Black bookshelf speakers are a perfect match for our recently introduced Smart GLE 9 floor speaker. With it and the Center Smart GLE 5 you can set up an impressive home cinema system in your home – completely without speaker cables. Thanks to the powerful active unit in each speaker, up to 350 watts of power is available. More than enough power to indulge in the hobbies of stereo hi-fi and multi-channel home cinema.

Clean design language
The attractive loudspeakers are pleasing to the eye with their subtly elegant design. Lacquered fronts and white or black casings with ash leaves give the Smart GLE 3 S2 Black a high-quality look, which is well-made despite its attractive price. The well-proportioned enclosure can blend harmoniously into any living environment due to its small footprint of 19 x 28 cm and low height of 36 cm. If you prefer a less technical look in your home, you can hide the baffles behind sound-transparent fabric covers.

Once you’ve found a place for your new Smart GLE 3, plug it into an outlet and source device of your choice. Thanks to the extensive inputs and simple commissioning, the Smart GLE 3 enchants you with music or movies in no time. Optical and coaxial versions are available for digital inputs. Accordingly, smart compact speakers interface with source devices via cinch or XLR inputs. In addition, the Smart GLE 3 can be supplied with audio signals wirelessly with Bluetooth, thanks to apt-X decoding in CD quality. They become high-quality computer speakers thanks to the USB interface with XMOS. Connected to it, computers recognize the Smart GLE 3 as an external sound card and play music in the highest quality.

Highlights of the Smart GLE 3
The all-new Smart GLE 3 contains the best musical and technical genes of our best-selling speakers: the GLE series. Complemented with the latest features and updated technology of our current smart speakers, the Smart GLE 3 become impressively compact speakers with impressive sound. Each 350 watts of power from Class D amplifiers powers the 180 mm aluminum chassis, which is mounted in low-loss wave surrounds and the 25 mm manganese aluminum tweeters, which, thanks to front transmission plates and sound-optimized protective metal grilles, provide an excellent offer of radiative behaviorn .

The compact Smart GLE 3 offers excellent entertainment value. They already sound great as a classic stereo pair for music. At the push of a button, the Smart GLE 3 become home theater speakers that, thanks to the built-in decoder, can reproduce multi-channel spatial audio formats such as Dolby Audio or DTS Digital Surround. The screen installed in the speaker’s bulkhead provides scrolling text about the smart speaker’s operating modes. And with other models from the Smart family, you can easily set up a high-sounding 4.0 home theater system that virtually maps the center channel for better dialogue understanding.

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Performance characteristics – CANTON SMART GLE 3 S2

Speaker type: Bookshelf speaker – Virtual surround sound –
Equalizer – Speaker switchable in series – Speaker system: 2-way speaker system –

Music power (W), per channel: 350 Watt 

Frequency response: 28 Hz – 30000 Hz –

Crossover Low-treble (Hz): 3000 –

Number of woofers: 1

Number of tweeters: 1

Diameter tweeter (cm): 2.5

Acoustic principle: Bass reflex system Operation – Remote control – Volume control – Automatic switch-on – Automatic switch-off –

LED operating status indicator Connections – Bluetooth interface – USB interface – Number of line RCA (IN): 1 – Number of digital coaxial (IN): 1 – Number of digital optical (IN): 1 – Number of XLR (IN): 1

Housing features – Number of speaker boxes: 2 – Display on the device –

Width (cm): 19 – Height (cm): 36 – Depth (cm): 28 –

Weight (kg): 7.5 Colors –

Housing colors: black

  • Multi-channel sound formats: Dolby Audio, DTS Digital Surround
  • Internal wireless network for connecting to other models of the Smart Series
  • Bluetooth wireless technology
  • LED display
  • Virtual Surround for Stereo, Music & Surround Sound
  • Virtual Center in 4.0 home cinema operation
  • Wireless transmission between speakers
  • Equalizer – Adaptation to spatial conditions
  • Volume adjustment per speaker

Canton Smart GLE 3 S2


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