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ddHiFi C2022 Outdoors Carrying Case for Audiophiles Audiophiles Going Out EDC (Everyday Carry): Wired earphones (1 pair at least), music player (or dongle, amplifier), smartphone, power bank, key, etc. Pack It Up and Carry Away Front pocket: Semi-open space with double velcro It is recommended to store music players, amplifiers, dongles, etc., especially for devices with key operation. Middle pocket: Utilizing YKK customized zipper with double sliders To store items that need more protection, such as earphones or smartphones. Back pocket: Semi-open space with double velcro To store power banks, data cables and other items that are not afraid of squeezing. Zipper pouch To store small items such as keys, coins, IC cards, etc. Multiple Ways to Carry It can be carried cross shoulders by using the stock shoulder strap, or by changing to other after-market hand-carrying straps. Some Extended Functions There are expansion connections on the back and on both sides, which can be hung around the waist by using carabiner, or attach other storage bags or small accessories. Specifications Model: C2022 Fabric: 1680D double-strand nylon Lining: 150D polyester Bottom: Black cowhide leather Zipper: YKK metal slider + ddHiFi drawstring Color: Dark blue Weight: About 250g (incl. shoulder strap) Outer dimensions: 160 (H) × 150 (W) × 120 (T) (mm)

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DDHiFi C2022 Portable


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