The DL110 signal is much higher than you would expect from a moving coil. It comes with an elliptical stylus. The output impedance is 160 ohms. The high-quality DL110 has a tracking force of 1.8 grams (+/- 0.3 grams), with a total weight of 4.8 grams. The frequency response of this phono cartridge is 20 to 45kHz. Maybe the audiophiles are right–this frequency response is much higher than a standard CD.

Hi-fi World Review of Denon DL110

Perhaps it’s because Denon provides cartridges to NHK (Japanese radio) that the Denon DL110 is best described as having a “broadcast” balance. Walton’s Belshazzar’s Feast sounded like a good, spacious live broadcast, with plenty of depth, a fair degree of ambience, good tonal color and lively dynamics; true diminuendo and crescendo. . . The Denon produced an excellent balance of sound, particularly well-suited to acoustic jazz. It also made more than a fair stab at perspective, managing to keep pace with rhythm and time signatures.


Jerry Raskin Comments on Denon DL110

The owners manual claims in both English and Japanese 1.6mV of output, but when I tested the cartridge it produced 2.2mV. That’s the difference between an easy-to use and tweak cartridge. I’ve always suspected the output was higher then claimed. . . Best diamond stylus in its price range. Under a microscope, it looks like a 100% nude, square-shank diamond with a very fine cut similar to cartridges costing twice the price. I love it.

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