After a year of repeated debugging and user beta testing, the SR11 streaming music receiver is finally available for public sale! The SR11 is a high-performance lossless streaming music receiver, also known as a streaming bridge. It supports multiple network streaming protocols. When paired with decoding devices, it allows you to easily set up a HiFi streaming system and enjoy high-bitrate lossless streaming audio.


Enjoy the fun of streaming

The SR11 supports AirPlay and Roon Ready, while the MIX mode supports both AirPlay and Roon Ready. Pair with an iPhone, iPad, MacBook, iMac, or Mac mini and stream to the SR11 via AirPlay for a smooth and convenient listening experience.


With Roon, you can conveniently make a quick playback of local music from a NAS or other devices and easy access to the streaming music catalog. If you have multiple audio systems set up, Roon enables you to control different devices to play different or the same music for a fully integrated and convenient streaming experience.


Comprehensive digital outputs

The optical, coaxial, USB Type-A and USB Type-C digital outputs ensure that you can easily connect to the device of your choice for real-time music streaming.


Stably connected, wired and wirelessly

The SR11’s Ethernet port supports speeds up to 1000Mbps over wired networks for fast and stable transmission of data. The AP6256 Wi-Fi module supports both 2.4GHz and 5GHz dual-band wireless networks which help to ensure stable wireless transmission of lossless audio.


Intuitive layout and easy to use

The SR11 comes with a custom LCD display screen, which lets you quickly know the device’s operating mode, network status, and current volume. The knob allows you to easily perform various operations with ease, ensuring you have total control. Moreover, the included custom infrared remote control allows you to take control over a long distance – making it extremely easy to select input, output, set volume, and other functions with just one click. No pairing is required.



With an aluminum alloy body, the SR11 is compact and slim, and it will be updated with more functions. For more details, please refer to the product page.

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