Coming on the heels of Noble's award winning FoKus Pro, the FoKus H-ANC was developed in collaboration with Knowles Corporation.  Knowles manufactures some of the best balanced armature drivers and mics currently in production.  Accordingly, it only made sense to collaborate with the best to produce a superior TWS for music reproduction, ANC performance, and call quality.   With a focus on sound quality, the FoKus H-ANC features a hybrid driver configuration with a 10mm titanium membrane dynamic driver coupled with Knowles' latest RAN balanced armature driver for thunderous bass and crystal clear highs.  The FoKus H-ANC utilizes 6 MEMS Knowles mics (three per side) for superior call quality and ANC performance. Utilizing an Airoha 1562A chip, the FoKus H-ANC has superior battery life with up to 12H of playback time without ANC, and 8.5H with ANC.  The charging case holds another 2.5 full charges.  ANC performance is 40+/-5 dB.  The FoKus H-ANC includes ambient mode, wind reduction mode, and ANC mode.  The Noble FoKus app is compatible with the FoKus H-ANC, which includes a 10 band equalizer and hearing test function to customize the sound to your personal hearing profile.  With an IPX5 rating, it is safe to wear the FoKus H-ANC in the rain or during a sweaty workout.  The FoKus H-ANC utilizes Bluetooth 5.2, HSP, HFP, A2DP, AVRCP, for solid Bluetooth connections.  Compatible with AAC and SBC codecs.  

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Noble FoKus H-ANC


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