Maintaining the best-in-class image quality, the OBSBOT Tiny 2 Lite offers unparalleled image quality with Advanced AI Capabilities at an affordable price. Featuring a multitude of Presets and Productivity Modes, the Tiny 2 Lite allows for a seamless video calling experience in both portrait and landscape orientations. This webcam is the ultimate tool for maintaining a professional and efficient workflow.

AI Auto Tracking With Auto-Zoom

After generations of polishing OBSBOT's deep neural learning network algorithm, the Tiny 2 Lite can now track your movements in real-time, with better framing and appropriate automatic zoom effects. this frees up your hands, whilst adjusting the zoom, enabling you to concentrate on your meeting.
Tiny 2 Lite PTZ 4K Webcam AI Tracking with Zoom

More Accurate Bodypart Tracking

The Tiny 2 Lite's body-part tracking technology primarily focuses on the upper body and for close-up shots. Its advanced algorithm ensures that the Tiny 2 Lite maintains pin-point accuracy with seamless tracking for a superior user experience.
Tiny 2 Lite PTZ 4K Webcam Tracking Upper body

Be Productive With Preset Modes

The Tiny 2 Lite, now allows you to preset the PTZ position and set many more parameters! Features like tracking mode, image settings, and Background Blur can be set in advance to enhance your productivity.

Magical, Efficient Gesture Control 2.0

The Tiny 2Lite's Gesture Control 2.0 has been designed to optimise your workflow, even when working from a distance. There are three available gestures to activate AI Auto Tracking and adjust Zoom in/out settings.

Lock/Unlock Target

Obsbot Tiny 2 Lite Lock/unlock Gesture

Zoom In/Out

Obsbot Tiny 2 Lite Zoom Gesture

Dynamic Zoom In/Out

Obsbot Tiny 2 Lite Dynamic Zoom Gesture

Premium 4K Experience. Budget-Friendly Price.

Capture stunning moments in UHD 4K resolution. With up to 4K@30fps and 1080P@60fps, Tiny 2 Lite is an excellent budget-friendly option for capturing vivid details and memorable moments in your everyday life!

*Please View The Video below For Sample Footage.

Precise, Deft Auto Focus

The Tiny 2 Lite incorporates advanced PDAF (Phase Detection Auto Focus) technology, which ensures you get swift and precise focus by detecting the phase and moving the lens to the focal point with expert efficiency.

Tiny 2 Lite PTZ 4K Webcam Focusing

Reliable CMOS For Better Low Light Performance

The OBSBOT Tiny 2 Lite features an advanced 1/2" CMOS sensor, which produces amazing image quality with an obvious leap in visuals, Its reliable bright-light performance with HDR and low-light performance is all powered by an optimized algorithm.

Tiny 2 Lite PTZ 4K Webcam's Low-light Ability

Your Voice, Focused And Super-Clear

The Tiny 2 Lite Webcam features a dual-omnidirectional microphone with adjustable noise cancellation. It can be used in various scenarios for achieving a sound-image synchronized video call experience, as well as a human voice augmentation technology which maintains high-quality sound transmission even in a noisy background.

An Imaginative Tool With Creative Shooting Modes

Rich shooting modes light up your creativity. From shooting in landscape or portrait mode to shooting from an upside-down position, the Tiny 2 Lite 1/4'' interface gives you the greatest support. Wherever you choose to install it, it ensures clear and pixel-perfect video images.

Tiny 2 Lite PTZ 4K Webcam's Creative shooting modes

Get Your Video Call Pro And Protected

Tiny 2 Lite protects your video capture with Sleep Mode 2.0 and other built-in features. In sleep mode, you can select a static image as a shield against leaks.

Tiny 2 Lite PTZ 4K Webcam's Privacy mode

Simpler. Lighter With Built-In Stand

In keeping with the minimalist design of OBSBOT Tiny 2, the Tiny 2 features a built-in stand and a 2-axis gimbal. the combination of these features has been designed to enhance your video conference calling experience, unleashing a plethora of creative possibilities.

Tiny 2 Lite PTZ 4K Webcam Axes of Rotation and built-in stand

Expand Your Potential With The OBSBOT Center

Unleash the Tiny 2 lite's inner potential with the OBSBOT Center. It features PTZ control, a Beauty Mode, Preset Modes setups, plus more features for you to explore.

Tiny 2 Lite PTZ 4K Webcam Obsbot Centre software

The OBSBOT Tiny 2 Lite PTZ 4K AI-powered webcam is a compact and affordable solution for Online Educators, Live Streamers, E-Sports commentators, and businesses that do a lot of video conferencing. With the ability to track your movement, you now have the ability to freely move around your set, without having to worry about going out of frame.

What's In The Box?

Tiny 2 Lite PTZ 4K Webcam With AI Tracking Box Content

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