Yes, tone control. As in, equalizer. Just like a Loki Mini+, but with 2 more bands and balanced inputs and outputs. And yeah, we know you can get a surgical software EQ, but the 6 knobs here just sit on your desk and beckon. No apps, no graphic confusion with mice or styli. Just tweak the sound to your exact preference, with a super-high-performance, discrete, single-gain-stage, LC-filtered equalizer at your fingertips.

More Bands, More Inputs, Total Flexibility
Lokius has 6 bands of equalization on tap, together with both balanced and single-ended inputs and outputs. Select the input with a convenient front-panel switch. Choose equalized output, or complete bypass—nothing in the signal path except a relay and a resistor. Lokius integrates with any system, large or small, speaker or headphone, balanced or single-ended, for complete flexibility.
Save an Imperfect Recording—or Make it Better
Is everything you listen to recorded perfectly? Of course not. Some recordings aren’t great. And some speakers and headphones are a bit bright or a bit dark. Lokius lets you adjust for these imperfections. But more than that, you can make your system sound the way you want. Deep bass? Absolutely. Sparkling highs? Yes again! Go ahead—treat yourself to your perfect sound.
Enjoy True Transparency
Lokius uses Schiit’s own two-stage load-invariant “superbuffer” topology to drive a single discrete current-feedback gain stage, with a passive inductor-capacitor and gyrator-capacitor network in-between. Lokius features super-high-quality parts, including sealed Alps potentiometers, Wima and Panasonic film capacitors, dual-stage regulation with HF smoothing, 0.5% thin-film resistors, and quality Neutrik connectors. The translation of this tech-speak is that you can forget noisy, veiled equalizers you may have used in the past. Lokius transforms your system without getting in the way, or making itself known. 
Designed and Built in Texas
By “designed and built in Texas" this is what we mean: we design, assemble, test, and QC Lokius in our Corpus Christi, Texas facility. And the vast majority of the total production cost of Lokius—chassis, boards, etc—goes to US companies manufacturing in the US. Our chassis are made in California. Our PCBs are done in Nevada. Yes, the wall-warts are made in Taiwan, but there's some give and take at this price point. 
2-Year Warranty and 15-Day Return Policy
Lokius is covered by a limited warranty that covers parts and labor for two years. And, if you don’t like your Lokius, you can still send it back for a refund, minus 15% restocking fee, within 15 days of receiving it.

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Bands: 20Hz, 120Hz, 400Hz, 2kHz, 6kHz, 16kHz
Adjustment: +/-12dB at 20Hz and 16kHz, +/-9dB at 120Hz and 6kHz, +/-6dB at 400 and 2kHz
Maximum Output: 10V RMS (SE), 20V RMS (balanced)
Frequency Response: 20Hz-20Khz, -0.1db, 2Hz-1MHz, -3dB 
THD: Less than 0.0008%, 20Hz-20KHz, at 2V RMS in/out, pots centered, active stage enabled, less than 0.002% at any potentiometer setting
IMD: Less than 0.001%, CCIF
SNR: Greater than 115db, unweighted, referenced to 2V RMS
Crosstalk: -85dB, 20Hz-20KHz
Output Impedance: 75 ohms
Input Impedance: 47K ohms
Topology: discrete, all-bipolar, symmetrical current-feedback design with matched parts throughout, DC coupled, with DC servo, plus dual-stage discrete superbuffer
Filtering: capacitor-gyrator for 20Hz and 120Hz, capacitor-inductor (LC) for all other bands
Power Supply: “Wall wart” style 14-16VAC transformer, dual regulated +/- 17V rails 
Power Consumption: 6W
Size: 9 x 6 x 1.5”
Weight: 2 lbs

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