Teac TN3B Turntable with built in MM Phono output and USB port delivers is a stylish addition to any hifi system. Incorporating new pivoting knife edge tonearm and belt-drive arrangement designed to minimise any motor cogging effects.

Built in MM Phono EQ-Amplifier

You can connect the TEAC TN-3B turntable to any conventional amplifier or hifi system without a phono input. It uses the NJM8080 amplifier which is a high grade, low loss op-amp designed to boost the low-level signals from the phono cartridge up to the line level.


New High-End Pivoting Tonearm

The TN3B turntable features a new tonearm that is the product of a collaboration between Teac and leading tonearm manufacturer SAEC corporation. The new knife-edge, pivo-point bearing tonearm helps deliver a more dynamic sound with outstanding resolution.

S-Shaped Tonearm

The tonearm is S-shaped and uses a universal headshell fitting which means you can pretty much swap to any cartridge and headshell out there. It uses an anti-skating mechanism for precision tracking force adjustment for an accurate reproduction of your records, along with a counterweight for precise stylus-pressure adjustment

USB Port for Digital Archiving

The TN-3B Turntable has a USB port on the rear panel that allows CD quality audio to be delivered to your computer, allowing you to archive or record your analog library in excellent quality. Once the transfer from vinyl to digital is completed, the choice is yours whether that means burning your tracks onto a CD, transferring on to a USB stick or uploading them on a portable device to listen to on the go. Signal transfer is protected from quality loss from oxidation with gold-plated phono/line output terminals.

Key Features of TEAC TN3B

- Pre-installed AT-VM95E cartridge with elliptical-shaped stylus - External belt-drive with aluminium die-cast platter - Sleek design with luxurious lacquered finish - Support for both 33-1/3 and 45 rpm for LP and EP records - Insulating machined-aluminium feet wit excellent shock absorption - Honeycombed patterned bottom panel minimises vibrations

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