The TOPPING DX7 Pro+ is an upcoming DAC/Amp from TOPPING in collaboration with Apos Audio. The original DX7 Pro, which many considered to be the sweet spot in the TOPPING line-up, combined world-class DAC design with powerful amplification in a compact form at an unbeatable price. However, due to extreme volatility in the supply chain during the past 24 months, TOPPING had no choice but to discontinue it. The new TOPPING DX7 Pro+ will continue the legacy of this fan favorite.

TOPPING + Apos Audio

We at Apos Audio have worked incredibly hard to bring the DX7 Pro back–and better than before. We’re honored to have the opportunity to partner with TOPPING as the exclusive retailer of the DX7 Pro+ in the US and Canada.

All-new design

TOPPING has redesigned the DX7 Pro+ inside and out. Not only will it feature TOPPING’s ultra-clean NFCA module and updates to the audio circuit, but the chassis design is based on the Red Dot Award-winning design of the TOPPING DX5.

Product highlights

  • ES9038PRO DAC chip
  • Brand new chassis that is based on the DX5’s award-winning design
  • The IV circuit uses the newly-designed IV-01 module
  • Built-in NFCA amp
  • 12V trigger in/out
  • Six inputs: USB, Bluetooth, Optical, Coaxial, AES, IIS

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